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As we all know I’ve been amping up my resolutions and goals to become a better and more awesome me. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about check back with my Resolutions post or watch my latest YouTube Resolutions video!

While I have my main set of resolutions, behind those resolutions are smaller goals that I want to implement into my life and hope to achieve. So far for this year (I know it’s only been about a month), I’ve been focusing on making gratitude more important in my life.

And with better gratitude, you get an even more awesome you. You’ll feel more confident, you’ll have more positive emotions, and millions of other wonderful things. So one of the ways I am trying to improve my gratitude with life is by saying Thank You more.

That’s right, I’m going to say two simple words as Thank you. But not only do I think I should just say thank you out loud, I’m also into the art of sending Thank You notes.
I don’t feel people send Thank You notes enough. And that’s where Basic Invite at basicinvite.com comes into play.

While yes, you can hand write all your Thank You Cards, Basic Invite makes it super easy for you to customize and send all your Thank You notes to anyone and everyone you want to. So that means you can get custom thank you cards or for all you newlyweds out there you can get your own personalized wedding thank you cards.

Image from Basicinvite.com
Image from Basicinvite.com

But what I like most about Basic Invite is their almost unlimited colors options that you can instantly preview online. In other words, you can customize the colors of your thank you card to the smallest detail on the card you chose.

To me customization is everything because I have to make sure that I add my personality into anything I send out. And this also includes the envelopes you send in, which are peel and seal envelopes (no more having to lick a million envelopes!). They have over 40 different colors in envelopes so even before people see the cool thank you note they will see the pretty envelope it came in!

Image from basicinvite.com
Image from basicinvite.com

An added bonus that will make Basic Invite your fav to go to get custom thank you cards is how you will get custom samples before you even submit your final order. All you have to do is go online, choose from over 1500 thank you designs, get together your customized colors and what you want it printed on and they will send you a physical sample before you have to make your final order!

I know, if you’re just like me that when you see something online, think it’s so beautiful and then once you’ve order a bunch of it, you realize that it was not how you thought it would look like. But Basic Invite will send you a sample so you’re satisfied with your final product before you order the whole load.

Whether you want to send bridal shower thank you cards or a thank you note to your boss for being a super cool boss, Basic Invite will be there for your customized thank you needs. Oh and they’re affordable too! And they even have a free address collection service that only takes three steps: share a link, collect addresses, and get free envelope printing. How cool is that?

Image from Basicinvite.com
Image from Basicinvite.com

And not only will the people receiving your thank you notes be happy you sent them something as beautiful as one of their cards, you’ll feel just as happy to know that you sent something beautiful and probably made someone smile that day. And to me that is something that helps me grow into being an even better awesome me.

This is how I’m going to say Thank You more in 2018 and help my goal of being more grateful in my life. I’m going to send more Thank You notes to people I care about, and for people who come out and support me. People need to not only say Thank You more in their lives, but also start showing it, even if it’s as simple (and beautiful) as a Thank You card from Basic Invite.

Who will you be sending thank you notes to this year? I already have my list ready.

And again don’t forget to check out BasicInvite.com, they were awesome to have sponsored this post and let me share with you their super cool Thank You cards they have in stock. Check them out, they not only have thank you cards, but cards for almost any occasion you have going on. And since you get to customize it, you can start sending your perfect thank you cards or invites to all your family and friends.

Image from basicinvite.com
Image from basicinvite.com

Cheers and thank you to all you beautiful people. YOU are AWESOME and keep rocking 2018.


(The post was sponsored by basicinvite.com. You can read my disclosure page here. Thank you for your support!)

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