Hi, I’m Yvonne

I have a passion for travel and tend to get lost in thought a lot.
I was born and raised as a southern California girl and have lived there most of my life.
I recently lived that Midwestern life in South Dakota. But now I am back in the west living in the deserts of Arizona!
I’ve had the privilege to travel to places like New York, Europe and the Caribbean. Just to name a few.
And I have a million other places on my list.


I’m a writer, and have been writing since I was a young girl.
I love to write what’s on my mind (So be prepared to see random posts here and there)
My bookcase is filled with journals, notebooks, movies, and books.
So of course, I love to read, write, watch movies and make videos…. on the daily.

Europe Collage

I received my bachelor’s in Journalism with an emphasis on Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Radio, Television, and Film.
I currently work a lot and travel as much as I possibly can with my boyfriend, Alex.
So yes, I make full use of my weekends.
I want to uncover places no matter how big or small of a travel destination it is and make my mark there and show the world about it.
I also love to hear people’s story and write about them. Everyone has a unique adventure they go through and I believe in giving them a voice (It’s the journalist in me)

About me

I also love my dog, Koda.
And my kittens, Dolly and Dottie.
Friends is my go-to TV show to make me smile.
I love to work out and be active.
I also LOVE food (conflicts with my work out regime) and trying new things.
Disneyland really is one of the happiest places on earth. I love Disney related things (I’m sure you’ll get lots of Disney references throughout blog posts).
And Mulan is the most kick-ass Disney Princess out there.
Samantha Brown is my travel idol.
And I hope to one day step foot on every continent in the world.

About Me

I’m honestly just an (ir)regular girl with many dreams to travel the world. And as I live out my dreams, I want to capture it and share it with the wonderful world we live in. And maybe one day inspire people to get out of their comfort zone, get lost in the world and just enjoy the unfamiliar.


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