That’s right, you read the title correctly. Coors Brewery is the largest brewery in the world.

As a part of my Colorado series (and if you haven’t read them, check them out here) on this day my sister and I ventured out to Golden Colorado to go to this free self-guided tour.

That’s right I said it’s free. We parked in a free lot, with a free shuttle and then with the free self-guided tour we ended up getting free beer. Yep, I said free a lot in this last sentence because who doesn’t like free things?

The Largest Brewery in the World - Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado

But before we headed to get our beers, we went to an awesome burger place called Crave Real Burgers. I’ve been here a few times since visiting Colorado and it was so delicious each time. This first time I went I got this ultimate crazy (very much so in the calories department) burger. The one we went to was in Highlands Ranch and I got Cubano Burger.

Cubano Burger

It’s about as crazy as it looks. Pretty much a heart attack waiting to happen. But I enjoyed every bit of that burger (even if I had to save the other half for later.) They also have milkshakes like these S’mores milkshakes.

S'mores Milkshake

And even better about their milkshakes is you can make them adult. Which, I’m all for when it comes to milkshakes.
And so after our food burgers we headed towards the small town of Golden to experience Coors Brewery.

Coors Sign

You can check out my experience down below. I had a lot of fun doing this tour and then of course getting my beer in the end made it all the better. So if you’re 21 and up I highly recommend taking a trip out to Golden Colorado to visit this awesome place.

I hope you enjoyed the video. If you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel you can do that here. Also if you want to see all the other fun things I did while in Colorado you can check it out here.

I had one more day left in my first visit in Colorado. Stay tuned for the last part of my Colorado Vlog series! Hint it’s got some hiking involved. And we all know Colorado has some wonderful outdoor activities.

The Largest Brewery in the World - Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado


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