First and foremost, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you had a great 2017 and are ready to kick start your 2018 into full gear! I know I’m ready to make ish happen and start my 2018 New Year’s Resolutions!

And with every new year comes mine and probably millions of other people’s yearly traditions of New Year’s Resolutions.

That’s right, I’m ready to start the year off great and start focusing on my goals in all aspects of my life. And my first way of doing so is to make New Year’s Resolutions at the start of every new year. While a lot of the times my goals don’t really change too much from year to year, I still enjoy having a New Year’s Resolution for the start of every year and throughout the year I also focus on smaller goals to overall reach these resolutions.

Without further ado, here it goes, my 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

2018 Resolutions

This will always be on my New Year’s Resolutions every year because I don’t think anyone travels enough and since my 2017 was a bit lackluster when it came to traveling, I’m fully committed to making 2018 in to a travel year. Keep an eye out on all my social media’s because I already have some big trips planned for the year!

The only country I traveled to in 2017 was Canada (Capilano Treetrop Adventure in Vancouver pictured above), so this year I'm making it a point to visit more places!
The only country I traveled to in 2017 was Canada (Capilano Treetrop Adventure in Vancouver pictured above), so this year I’m making it a point to visit more places!

Read 75 Books in a Year
Now I surpassed my goodreads goal of 40 books this year and read a total of 55 books! So coming into the new year I want to amp it up and challenge myself to reading 75 books in a year! I could only imagine if I actually started to read as much as I did the first half of the year as I did to the later half of the year I probably would have read almost 75 books! But this year I’m making it my goal to reach that many books!
And I’m going to try and diversify my books range and start reading more than just fictional YA novels, even if they are my favs. I’m going to branch out. And with me amping up my books for the year I can start making my Resolution Reads Roundup a monthly blog post which I’m super excited to start doing! Don’t forget to watch out for those at the end of every month on the blog!

One of my favorite series and the author is coming out with a new book this year! I'm super excited!
One of my favorite series and the author is coming out with a new book this year! I’m super excited!

Be Consistent
Now this is one of the biggest resolutions that I’m going to focus my year on. Consistency. I know I have great talent and I know I can make great content for people, but I have been lacking on my consistency and end up being MIA for weeks that turn into months. This year I’m going to focus on consistency. So that means YouTube videos on my channel once a week every Thursday and a blog post at least once a week to be published on the blog.
And not only will I focus on my online consistency, but I shall focus on my personal goals of gym consistency, cleaning and organizing consistency, healthy eating consistency, social consistency etc. And with writing this down and sharing it with all of you, I hope to give myself a bit more responsibility and accountability to sticking with this.
I’ve heard alot of people say instead of doing resolutions they are focusing on one word for their New Year’s Resolutions and if I were to pick one word this would be it, consistency. I’m ready to grow into the best possible me I can be and consistency will help me on this front.

Finish my novel
I write short stories that have easily turned into full length novels. I’m currently working on a fictional piece that I’m excited to write about and finish. I actually have all my chapters laid out and a full outline of everything that is happening. I just need to hone down, consistently write every day and I can finish it this year and who knows where this book may take me. But I’m super excited about it and I hope to one day share it with all of you.

Learn something new everyday
Whether it’s learning a new spanish word from Duolingo, or learning about a new Vlogging technique for my YouTube channel. I always believe that you should learn something new every day and I plan on continually expanding my knowledge in all sorts of subjects so I will try to learn something new every day, no matter how big or small it may be.

Save money from every paycheck and find a new stream of income
I can feel 2018 being the year I start to grow my online presence and really buckle down on blogging/vlogging and finding ways to make money on the internet and create a new stream of revenue for myself. And with that I also need to start saving money from my existing paycheck, no matter how big or small it may be, I’m going to start a real savings this year.

KEEP being the awesome me that I am every year, but even better!
This never changes, from year to year. I know I am awesome and I know what I’m worth, so instead of changing who I am with resolutions I will continue being the awesome me I know I already am, but I will grow into an even better awesome me. So that means I’m going to work on my gratitude, seeing my true self-worth, and so many other things to just grow into an even better me!


Happy New Year my friends. I hope 2018 becomes one of your best years yet and that you grow and continue be the awesome you that you already are.

And please share your resolutions with me, I love hearing what resolutions you have for the year. And maybe we can all help each other into achieving them. Comment down below some or all of your 2018 New Year’s resolutions!

Peace. Love. Cheers. Hugs. And whatever other sign off that may come to mind for your start of the 2018 year. And don’t forget to Enjoy the Unfamiliar.

2018 Resolutions


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