Colorado Fitness

Working out has been a part of my life lately. Like a lot. I was way more into fitness in my younger days and this Vlog definitely proves it.

Continuing on with my Colorado fun I had when I first visited this spectacular state, I present you my Colorado Vlog Day 3. If you missed out on the first two days, check it out here. Or you can even go directly to my YouTube channel and watch them there!

A little background on this event. My sister found this on Groupon or Living Social, one of those discount sites. And at the time I was so into fitness and getting in shape I said sure let’s do an 8 am fitness event after being at an EDM concert just the night before.

Was it a mistake, probably so. But I dug deep, found the energy and I was kicking ass and having fun. So check out the video below!

I hope you enjoyed this video! And maybe it’ll give you as much motivation as it has given me to get my butt out of this chair and up and moving. Because if young Yvonne can do a fitness event for almost 6 hours, I know I can at least run a treadmill for 30 minutes a day.

My sister and I at Fitness Day

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Have you ever done a full day fitness event? Comment below and let me know some of the longest workouts you’ve ever done and if they were as fun as my fitness event!

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