Ever get so scared on a bridge that you’re willing to run into people while you run to get off of it? Well I did.

If you didn’t already know I’m afraid of heights. Funny, I used to never be when I was younger. I would climb trees, climb rock walls while on a cruise ship, I actually enjoyed heights. But I took a turn when I visited Yosemite National Park and took a full day hike up to the the upper Yosemite Falls and something in me clicked as I went to the edge of the waterfall. Turns out that I did not enjoy being up that high. And ever since I have been a scared little girl when it comes to heights.

But that doesn’t stop me from going up high. I still love roller coasters, I still enjoy going to observation decks. I like seeing the birds eye view of places I visit.

And going to visit Canada was no different. While we only took a day trip to Vancouver, we jam packed a lot this day. If you haven’t seen my first half of my Vancouver day, check it out here!

Capilano Suspension Bridge

For the last half of my Vancouver trip, we decided to visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge. It’s a tourist spot for anyone visiting North Vancouver. And I highly recommend people to visit. We had so much fun on the bridge, probably more enjoyable for Alex and my friend Ryan, than me. But I still had fun and it was beautiful. And since we went towards the end of the day there wasn’t as many people on the bridges so we got to really enjoy the park.

Check out the PART 2 of my Vancouver VLOG below!

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And if you missed the first part of my Vancouver trip check it out here! And check back when I start posting my Seattle Vlogs!

Capilano Suspension Bridge Balls

Cheers my friends! Hope you enjoyed my latest Vlog!

Surviving the Capilano Suspension Bridge


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