Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge – Standing in Two places at Once (VIDEO)

Two Places at once

Have you ever watched the movie A Walk To Remember with Mandy Moore and Shane West? It’s one of those Nicholas Sparks, will make you cry forever, book turned to movie?

Well if you haven’t, you should if you want a good cry. But for now I’ll just briefly explain a scene in the movie where West took Moore to the middle of this empty road and made her stand and place her feet in two different spots. When she opened them he told her that she could cross off being in two places at one time off her bucket list because she was straddling the state line. So after that moment, I had a huge obsession of being in two places at once.

So instead of Shane West bringing me to place, I found my own.

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A Snowy Grand Canyon VIDEO

Photo Apr 10, 7 27 57 AM

Do you remember any time that really take your breath away? I’ve had a few. Like the first time I saw the Eiffel tower a few years ago, I almost cried speechless that I finally saw one of my dreams unfold before my eyes. It was just gorgeous and unreal.

I had another one of these moments not too long ago. As you may have noticed (or not) I’ve officially moved to a new state. I went from Cali to South Dakota and now I’m based out of Arizona! Now I won’t get into too much detail of my move to AZ, but I am officially a resident now considering I finally got my license and my car plates here!

If you can think of one of the most sought out attractions in Arizona, what comes to mind?

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Sliding into Amsterdam – Lost with Yvonne Video

Sliding into Amsterdam

Hello 2017! And hello to all my favorite people.

I wanted to start this year’s first post with a little video I happen to have stumbled and slide into (don’t worry you’ll get that pun later). So here’s a fun little video of one of my favorite airports in Europe.

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Fun on The High Roller – Las Vegas, Nevada

High Roller Art

Vegas, the adult playground as many would say. If you’ve never been to the Sin City and you’re over 21, I would definitely recommend going there at least once in your life and letting loose. It’s a wonderful getaway, and since it’s only a 4-hour drive from So-Cal, it was an easy and fun getaway (that was when I lived in San Diego).

I got a nice suite at the Signature Hotel behind the MGM Grand. It’s the perfect place, in my opinion and we love staying there for the weekend. It’s our go-to nice hotel.

While yes, most people go to Vegas to get wasted, gamble, dance, and get crazy, there are also lots of fun things to do that don’t require a lot of drinking and a massive hangover the next day.

Queue in the High Roller.

Roller FountainSigns

The Walkway

The Walkway


Blurry Couple

High Roller Sign

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Custer State Park – A Loop Around Sylvan Lake

Custer State Sylvan Lake
It can be kind of amazing how much of the world people have not seen. And how beauty is everywhere.

Before I moved to South Dakota, I honestly had no idea almost any of the beautiful things I saw in the western part of the So-Dak even existed.

But now I am quite glad I ventured out and made my way to all these beautiful places.

Mr Lake

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Fun on the Alpine Slide at Big Bear, California

Big Bear

Hello all my awesome friends and fellow travelers, I am still reporting here in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and life has been busy and great. I finally have the blogging bug once again. But I’ve been so busy with life that it’s been hard to be consistent with this blog, but now that I have a grasp at my current adjustements of life I will finally post all the awesome places that you should all know about and see!

I will be traveling back to my hometown of San Diego to a mountain town that is an awesome getaway for everyone.

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