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Wall Drug

Wall Drug

That’s right, Wall Drug. That’s all you see for miles upon miles on billboards all along the side of the road from Sioux Falls, South Dakota (and even farther) until you hit Wall, South Dakota (Yes, this is an actual city name, Wall) where you will find the Wall Drugstore.

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Five Free Things to do in Vegas

As you’ve seen before on a previous post about the High Roller, I love getting lost in Las Vegas and enjoying the good times. And that usually means spending some money.

I recently visited Las Vegas and as much as gambling and eating everything was fun (Fat Tuesdays and Buffets for everyone), we were on a budget and wanted to have a fun, relaxing Vegas trip.

Top Five Free Things to do in VEGAS

So I have gathered my top five list of fun free things to do in Las Vegas!

Fat Tuesday and Earl of Sandwich - love them, but can get pricy!
Fat Tuesday and Earl of Sandwich – love them, but can get pricy!

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Fun on The High Roller – Las Vegas, Nevada

High Roller Art

Vegas, the adult playground as many would say. If you’ve never been to the Sin City and you’re over 21, I would definitely recommend going there at least once in your life and letting loose. It’s a wonderful getaway, and since it’s only a 4-hour drive from So-Cal, it was an easy and fun getaway (that was when I lived in San Diego).

I got a nice suite at the Signature Hotel behind the MGM Grand. It’s the perfect place, in my opinion and we love staying there for the weekend. It’s our go-to nice hotel.

While yes, most people go to Vegas to get wasted, gamble, dance, and get crazy, there are also lots of fun things to do that don’t require a lot of drinking and a massive hangover the next day.

Queue in the High Roller.

Roller FountainSigns

The Walkway
The Walkway
Blurry Couple
High Roller Sign

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Bonus: Root Beer Tasting

imageI have been obsessively making lots of root beer floats lately. And Alex and I have been quite enjoying it.

As a bonus to my last wine tasting post, since we decided to bow down from all the wine drinking our driver took us Old Town Temecula, California to see the town.


On our way to Old Town, you’ll see horses in the Vineyard. There is even wine tours on horses!

Even though I used to live so close to Old Town Temecula, I surprisingly have not been there. As an extra part of our wine tasting tour, our awesome chauffeur took us to Old Town Root Beer Company to do some root beer tasting.

The store literally had hundreds of different kinds of root beer. It was pretty amazing if I must say so myself.

Rootbeer racks

It had all of your originals and some quite odd pop bottles.

Weird RB

Not all root beer, but all kinds of pop! (I’m starting to catch on to the Midwestern talk of pop instead of soda!)

As a group we decided to chip in and just buy a few root beers and have our own root beer taste testing.

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My Wine Tasting Day at Temecula Wine Country

With spring in the air and the weather being that perfect breeze and sun shine, what better way to spend a spring day than with wine tasting.

Back home in California there is quite a lot of vineyards to go do some wine tasting. Most know of Napa Valley to do their wine tasting, but in the city of Temecula in the southern part of California they have vineyards upon vineyards in one long row for your wine tasting time.

The Temecula Wine Country has quite a bit of vineyards to do lots wine tasting for all sorts of people.

I’ve gone wine tasting for my sister’s best friend’s bachelorette party (whew that’s a mouthful). My sister booked a wine tour/chauffeur called the Antique Pink Cadillac for the day and it paid for all our wine tasting and drove us around in this cool black London Style car.

The Pink Cadillac

The Best Chauffeur ever!

We had three tour stops and we could spend as long as we wanted at each one, well until our free wine runs out.

We all realized that our three stops fell into a certain wine category that us girls thought of during the wine tours.

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Beautiful Disaster: San Diego Wildfires

As I drove to work, early Thursday morning on May 15, 2014, I looked east as the sun began to peek out through the mountains on my hour long commute. As I left Riverside County into my hometown of northern San Diego I saw a haze covering the city with a smell of burning land and smoke.

Fire season started early this year.

SD Fire

I know my blog is about traveling and the great things about it. But sometimes we also need to realize in some of the most beautiful places, there can be much danger deep in its root.

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