Bonus: Root Beer Tasting

imageI have been obsessively making lots of root beer floats lately. And Alex and I have been quite enjoying it.

As a bonus to my last wine tasting post, since we decided to bow down from all the wine drinking our driver took us Old Town Temecula, California to see the town.


On our way to Old Town, you’ll see horses in the Vineyard. There is even wine tours on horses!

Even though I used to live so close to Old Town Temecula, I surprisingly have not been there. As an extra part of our wine tasting tour, our awesome chauffeur took us to Old Town Root Beer Company to do some root beer tasting.

The store literally had hundreds of different kinds of root beer. It was pretty amazing if I must say so myself.

Rootbeer racks

It had all of your originals and some quite odd pop bottles.

Weird RB

Not all root beer, but all kinds of pop! (I’m starting to catch on to the Midwestern talk of pop instead of soda!)

As a group we decided to chip in and just buy a few root beers and have our own root beer taste testing.

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My Wine Tasting Day at Temecula Wine Country

With spring in the air and the weather being that perfect breeze and sun shine, what better way to spend a spring day than with wine tasting.

Back home in California there is quite a lot of vineyards to go do some wine tasting. Most know of Napa Valley to do their wine tasting, but in the city of Temecula in the southern part of California they have vineyards upon vineyards in one long row for your wine tasting time.

The Temecula Wine Country has quite a bit of vineyards to do lots wine tasting for all sorts of people.

I’ve gone wine tasting for my sister’s best friend’s bachelorette party (whew that’s a mouthful). My sister booked a wine tour/chauffeur called the Antique Pink Cadillac for the day and it paid for all our wine tasting and drove us around in this cool black London Style car.

The Pink Cadillac

The Best Chauffeur ever!

We had three tour stops and we could spend as long as we wanted at each one, well until our free wine runs out.

We all realized that our three stops fell into a certain wine category that us girls thought of during the wine tours.

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Fun on the Alpine Slide at Big Bear, California

Big Bear

Hello all my awesome friends and fellow travelers, I am still reporting here in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and life has been busy and great. I finally have the blogging bug once again. But I’ve been so busy with life that it’s been hard to be consistent with this blog, but now that I have a grasp at my current adjustements of life I will finally post all the awesome places that you should all know about and see!

I will be traveling back to my hometown of San Diego to a mountain town that is an awesome getaway for everyone.

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From San Diego to South Dakota

SD to SD

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve done any kind of blogging, or even social media-ing. But I have good reason, promise.

I’m sure as you see from the title there was a big move on my part. From San Diego to South Dakota, this born and raised So-Cal girl made the big move to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Why South Dakota you may ask? (Random is what I get from most people) Well, I got a job opportunity at their local news station in Sioux Falls!

And that is some serious big news, BIG dreamer news.

I graduated college about two years ago and I studied Broadcast Journalism for a solid 3 ½ years. I did everything from interning at news stations in San Diego, wrote for a local newspaper in town, produced my own 30-minute live newscast, and reported on so many amazing news stories.

Instead of pursing my degree right out of college, I decided to take on the full-time office job that could pay my bills and give me more work experience. While my last job gave me such great opportunities and I worked with some amazing people there, I was never fully satisfied.

It was time to face the fears of leaving family and friends and go into the mysterious world of Broadcast news. I took that scary leap and reached out to news stations and I got the job offer for a news station in South Dakota.

I won’t be reporting on camera just yet, but that won’t stop me from one day getting back into what I loved so much when I went to school.

My amazing boyfriend Alex was accepted to South Dakota State University and has made the move along with me and I couldn’t be happier. The transition was made that much smoother.

All I want to say is to honestly never give up on your dreams. I have been out of the broadcast news business for over two years, but that didn’t stop me from pursuing my dreams and making this my time to shine.

I’ve been scared, I’ve been rejected, but it all becomes worth it when you feel your life falling into place and when you feel like your dreams are fully coming true. I’m feeling at home, I feel like I belong. And I couldn’t be happier.

I do miss all my friends and family in California and the wind chill can really knock you down here in the mid-west, but when you are finally seeing that you’re on the right path to greatness everything just feels right.

My dreamer mentality will never fade and I will keep on reaching for the stars. And I hope you all keep dreaming and striving for the best because you can really surprise yourself and you too can make all your dreams come true.

Sioux Falls

Reporting from Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Keep dreaming my family, friends and fellow travelers. Thanks for all the support and love <3

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Knott’s Scary Farm 2014 Review– Theme Parkaholics (Halloween edition)

Knott's Scary Farm

Happy October my fellow theme park lovers and travelers. For those not following me on Instagram or Twitter, October is quite a busy month for me. And an awesome month, if I must say so myself. (EUROPE NEXT WEEK EEKKK)

October has always been my favorite month of the year, and it’s not just because my birthday is on October 14 (oh my, that’s tomorrow!). But because Halloween and all things spooky come out this time of the year!

With that being said, I went to my second Knotts Scary Farm Halloween Haunt event. It’s in its 42nd year, for those who would like to know! Last year, my boyfriend took us on our first date to Knotts Scary Farm and as a rookie, I didn’t know what to expect and how freaky it was going to be!

So this year, being a veteran and all, I decided to give you a review of all things awesome and all things scary at Knott’s Scary Farm 2014.


Just feeling like a badass at Knotts Scary Farm.

During this Halloween haunt, Knott’s Scary Farm added three new mazes: Voodoo, the Tooth fairy and the new interactive maze, Special OPS: Infected.

And yes, we did all three. We started our night by getting tickets to Special Ops: Infected first before starting any rides or mazes. That is after we took our picture together by their photographers (we had an awkward kiss on the hair first date mishap last year). And in this year’s haunt, there are a lot more scare-actors in the front trying to freak out haunt goers as they first walk in.


Just taking a new less awkward picture together.

We got our Special Ops tickets for 11:45 pm and that’s even after we got to the park 10 minutes after 7 when the park opened. So as a side note: Get to the park at 7 and go straight to the Specials Ops to get your tickets, they will go quick. There is Special Ops: Alpha right by the front gates at the start of Camp Snoopy and Special Ops: Beta near the end of Camp Snoopy by the western gates! GO TO SPECIALS OPS FIRST IF YOU WANT TO EXPERIENCE THE AWESOMENESS IT HAS TO OFFER!


These tickets were like the golden ticket, gotta keep them safe.

Since we went on a Thursday during the second week that it ran it was much less crowded and we are basically able to go through all the mazes before our 11:45 meeting with Zombies.

Special Ops:Infected

Ready for zombie killing.

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Universal Studios Hollywood – Super Silly Funland – Theme Parkaholics

Universal Studios Globe
I’m a huge Despicable Me fan. Ha Banana. So upon hearing that Universal Studios Hollywood added in an area dedicated to Despicable Me, that is when I jumped on the annual pass train for Universal.

So for my first Theme Parkaholics post I present you, Universal Studios Hollywood. Red CarpetUniversal Stuidso Red CarpetUniversal Studios
While Universal is a bit more of a drive than Disneyland is, it’s still a fun place to go to. The last time I went to Universal Studios Back to the Future was still there and no one knew of what a Transformer was, well at least movie wise to all my comic book fans.

So with the great success of Despicable Me, Universal Studios decided to invest lots of money and make Super Silly Funland into a reality for kids. You see, Universal Studios used to be geared towards teens and adults because how can you compete with Disneyland not too far south of you. But with the new addition, it’s making Universal Studios a more kid friendly place.France Universal StudiosTo get to Super Silly Funland you have to walk through the streets of Europe until you reach the Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem ride. The first time I went to Universal, this ride was only a 30 minute wait, but as soon as summer came along it jumped to a 2 hour wait. Safe to say, we didn’t go the second time.

While in line you have misters spraying at you to help protect you from the wonderful LA heat, TVs with minions, and even workers playing catch with you or spraying you with a water gun. The ride itself is a fun 3D simulator. You basically get to become a minion and part of Gru’s top secret mission, which will first be led by the girls putting you through basic minion training.

So if you’re a fan of minions, bananas, and just love Despicable Me, you’ll surely love this ride as much as I did. And hey, at the end you get to be a part of a dance party.

But after you get out of the Minion Mayhem, the fun doesn’t stop there. You end up in the Despicable Me store filled with everything Despicable me, I ended up buying my very own minion cup and I love it!

Despicable Me

And then you end up outside in none other than SUPER SILLY FUNLAND! AGH!
Super Silly FunlandThis little corner of the park includes a ride for small children, game booths filled with fluffies (and cheating workers who don’t let older kids win), and a mini waterpark all the while blasting songs like Happy by Pharrel (one of my favorite songs) and the whole Despicable Me soundtrack.

And yes, I said waterpark. During the summer this place is filled with dripping wet children in their bathing suits, if they’re a veteran, or just in their t-shirt and shorts. I have not had the pleasure to go through this waterpark, but I have passed by it and I would definitely have my bathing suit and change of clothes ready if I were to go through it.

But my favorite part of Super Silly Funland is hidden behind the waterpark. There is this balcony with little view finders and you can see the whole Universal Back lot and the mountains behind it. It was a beautiful site, unfortunately this is where smokers can smoke, but on a slow day it’s quite beautiful to overlook studio city from high above. Check out my video here.

Overall Super Silly Funland in Universal Studios is a great place to take the kids during the summertime and maybe even take a picture with a minion or two.
MinionMe Minions
Cheers my travelers. Hope you enjoyed the first edition of Theme Parkaholics!

Theme Parkaholics


These posts are simple, it’s about theme parks. I simply love going to theme parks. I’m an adventure seeker and roller coasters, expensive food, and scary mazes help fill some void in my life.

I currently hold annual passes for Disneyland/California Adventure, Universal Studios Hollywood and Knotts Berry Farm/ Knotts Soak City. So at least once every month I’ll feature a theme park, ride or food found in a theme park and maybe even a tip or two and blog about it. I’ll post awesome pictures and some videos and show you how fun theme parks can be. I’ll probably even include zoos and fairs and things of the like.

I hope all you travelers enjoy my Theme Parkaholics posts because I know we’ve all been to a theme park at least once in our lives and whether you bring your children there now or still run around in a theme park with the child within you, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy this.


Do you have a favorite theme park that brings out the inner child in you? Comment below or tweet me @lostwithyvonne.

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