South Dakota

Pit Stop, please

Pit Stop, Please

Road trips are something that everyone has experienced at least once in their lives. While it can easily get very boring and tedious driving for long periods of time, I still love doing road trips.

And my absolute favorite part of the road trip are usually the odd attractions or ‘pit stops’ you will see along the way.

I want to start a new series on my blog called “Pit Stop, please”. Once a month I’ll be sharing my favorite pit stops that I see during my road trip travels.

Whether it’s a dinosaur or a pretty building. There is so much more to see than your final destination on a road trip.

Alex and this wonderful Dino was an actual pit stop to get gas when we saw this guy and just had to take pics.
Alex and this wonderful Dino was an actual pit stop to get gas when we saw this guy and just had to take pics.


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Wall Drug

Wall Drug

That’s right, Wall Drug. That’s all you see for miles upon miles on billboards all along the side of the road from Sioux Falls, South Dakota (and even farther) until you hit Wall, South Dakota (Yes, this is an actual city name, Wall) where you will find the Wall Drugstore.

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Sioux Empire Fair

Sioux Empire Fair Title

Food. That’s all we want to hear right? Well at least at a fair you think immediately of food. And that is exactly what I did for this fair.

Now I’ve been a San Diego Del Mar Fair girl all my life, so it’s my first time to experience this Midwestern type of fair.

The 76th annual fair went for a week long, a fairly short period of time in my opinion, but I realized I was there almost the entire week.

I was literally at the fair almost every single day since work had me going to the fair all week and then on my days off I wanted to eat and hang out with Alex and so we did.

While there is no comparison to the Del Mar Fair considering Del Mar is much larger and longer, but the Sioux Empire Fair was a lot of fun and had some yummy fried foods. Which, I think, is pretty much all you need at a fair.

Fair Food Stands

Why don’t I just get right to it?

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South Dakota Roundup

South Dakota Roundup
I’ve been having a hard time trying to get focused and write out a blog post about my recent trip to western South Dakota. I’ve been a little work preoccupied (hopefully soon I’ll be living out more big dreams of mine!) and so I have focused my attention to that and trying to advance in my career. I’ve also been on an Insanity trip, meaning I have being doing the Insanity workouts with Shaun T and they leave me quite pooped at the end of the day. But to put it into words, I have writers block and I don’t want to just write mediocre blog posts.

Instead of trying to rack my brain and write out a semi-okay post about my super awesome South Dakota trip and not doing it the justice I want. I figured I’ll just give everyone a small preview in photos or as I’d like to call it my South Dakota Roundup.

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Introducing My Fur Babies

I’ve been a little busy with life lately. Oh and it’s my one year anniversary since I’ve had! YAY!

Any who, I have a big trip coming up this weekend that I can’t wait to explore and then share with you! Since I’ve been doing lots of planning and working I haven’t had a whole ton of time to write up a great travel post to share. So instead I decided to just introduce you all to two new members of my family. My Kittens Dottie and Dolly.

Dot and dolly

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From San Diego to South Dakota

SD to SD

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve done any kind of blogging, or even social media-ing. But I have good reason, promise.

I’m sure as you see from the title there was a big move on my part. From San Diego to South Dakota, this born and raised So-Cal girl made the big move to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Why South Dakota you may ask? (Random is what I get from most people) Well, I got a job opportunity at their local news station in Sioux Falls!

And that is some serious big news, BIG dreamer news.

I graduated college about two years ago and I studied Broadcast Journalism for a solid 3 ½ years. I did everything from interning at news stations in San Diego, wrote for a local newspaper in town, produced my own 30-minute live newscast, and reported on so many amazing news stories.

Instead of pursing my degree right out of college, I decided to take on the full-time office job that could pay my bills and give me more work experience. While my last job gave me such great opportunities and I worked with some amazing people there, I was never fully satisfied.

It was time to face the fears of leaving family and friends and go into the mysterious world of Broadcast news. I took that scary leap and reached out to news stations and I got the job offer for a news station in South Dakota.

I won’t be reporting on camera just yet, but that won’t stop me from one day getting back into what I loved so much when I went to school.

My amazing boyfriend Alex was accepted to South Dakota State University and has made the move along with me and I couldn’t be happier. The transition was made that much smoother.

All I want to say is to honestly never give up on your dreams. I have been out of the broadcast news business for over two years, but that didn’t stop me from pursuing my dreams and making this my time to shine.

I’ve been scared, I’ve been rejected, but it all becomes worth it when you feel your life falling into place and when you feel like your dreams are fully coming true. I’m feeling at home, I feel like I belong. And I couldn’t be happier.

I do miss all my friends and family in California and the wind chill can really knock you down here in the mid-west, but when you are finally seeing that you’re on the right path to greatness everything just feels right.

My dreamer mentality will never fade and I will keep on reaching for the stars. And I hope you all keep dreaming and striving for the best because you can really surprise yourself and you too can make all your dreams come true.

Sioux Falls

Reporting from Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Keep dreaming my family, friends and fellow travelers. Thanks for all the support and love <3

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