That One Time in Amsterdam


Oh, Amsterdam. People have all sorts of crazy stories from Amsterdam.

Now I won’t sugarcoat anything. Amsterdam was a crazy trip.


It was also a one night trip and we weren’t truly able to experience everything that Amsterdam had to offer us. So we have every intention to go back to this wonderful canal city.


All the stories you have heard about Amsterdam is pretty true. There are “coffee shops” in every corner and there is a red light district with girls dancing around in the window and are quite a liberal city compared to the American conservatives.


And for those that don’t know, “Coffee Shops” are different from Cafe shops in the sense of you won’t really get coffee, but weed instead. So yes, marijuana is legal in Amsterdam and people buy and smoke it freely in Amsterdam. Granted you must stay within the confinement of the Coffee shop to enjoy your Mary Jane, but for all those wanting to legally smoke a joint, you are more than welcome to sit in a coffee shop and enjoy a puff of MaryJ to your pleasing.

Now that that’s out of the bag, on the other sense Amsterdam is truly a beautiful city. We experienced some rain while we were here so there were tons of umbrellas and gray skies. Also the city center, as soon as you got off Amsterdam Centraal is quite busy with construction. But I could still see the all the beauty that Amsterdam has to offer locals and tourist alike.

DSC_0398 copyDSC_0412

It can get crowded and bicycles are everywhere so be careful of where you walk and when you walk. They are vicious bicyclers out there. And they are almost as scary as those driving in Europe.


We didn’t really have a lot of time to spend in the city since our hotel was about 45 minutes away from the city town center and we were still recovering from our Paris trip and getting prepared for our next week in Italy. But from what we saw, Amsterdam is beautiful.


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From Europe to California – How I’m going to fill the void


Hello my travelers! I am back in California and terribly missing Europe. I have left some of my heart in Europe and it hurts. But a way to fill the void (I know that was extremely cheesy) is by the next few weeks I will be posting glorious amounts of posts with stories, videos, and photos of my first European trip.


I had been dreaming of going to Europe my entire life and I am so happy to have experienced 2 whole weeks of it with my boyfriend by my side and of course all my family and friends in Europe. So with that being said, the best way for me to write about my first European experience (believe me, this is not my last) is best if I split everything up into little posts throughout the next few weeks.

So keep checking out my blog every week. I’ll for sure be posting my Europe content every Tuesday and Thursday. Come check out how I experienced this beautiful continent.

As for now, here are some photos from every city I visited. I can’t wait to relive the experiences I had with all of you.



Europe Itinerary


Passports ready to go!

With Europe being such a big dream of mine, it took a long time for Alex and I to finalize our itinerary, but everything is finally official and we have all our accommodations and transportation all set up and ready to go!

Since we’re only going to be there for a 2 weeks, we decided to hit up most of the major tourist destinations and get our whole tourist-y European let loose. That way we have more reason to get up and explore Europe in another year together.

Here are our main stops in Europe:

Stop #1: London, England – Since our plane arrives in Gatwick, it only made sense to start in London. Our first night will be spent there where we will try to adjust to time and probably get some Fish N’ Chips.

Stop #2: Paris, France – We’ll be hitting all major spots: the Eiffel Tower, Luxembourg Gardens, The Louvre,etc… We will also enjoy the city of lights and enjoy the French cuisine.

Stop #3: Amsterdam, The Netherlands – We’ll only be here for a night before our flight to Italy. But we’re going to make the day and the night count completely.

Stop #4: Milan, Italy – The bulk of our stay is in Milan for we are staying with family.

Stop #5: Nice, France – My best friend and fellow Krazy Kappa line sister is studying abroad near Nice and we will make a Nice pit stop in the south of France.

Stop #6: Pisa, Italy – A few hour day trip to the leaning tower before Tuscany.

Stop #7: Florence Italy – From Pisa we go to Tuscany and see the Piazzale Michaelangelo and enjoy the city of Florence at night.

Stop #8: Venice, Italy – Straight from Florence we jump on a train to Venice. We’re going to only go for a night during our week stay in Milan, but riding a Gondola is definitely on our radar.

Last Stop: London, England – Our first night in London is just going to be a time to adjust to Europe time and adjust to foreign land. The last weekend we are in Europe we will spend in London and that’s when we’ll be doing our sight-seeing and Halloween partying.

Do you have any advice, tips or cool places to eat or see for this girl and her boyfriend traveling to Europe for their first time? Comment below, send me an e-mail at, or tweet me @lostwithyvonne.



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