For my first Pit stop, I take you to some rather famous dinosaurs in Southern California.

Mr. RexMs. Dinny

Better known as the Cabazon Dinosaurs in Cabazon, CA.

both dinos

On your way to or from Palm Springs right off Interstate 10 you can’t miss these amazingly large creatures. Their whole body are ginormous and quite a scene to the desert surrounding them. The T-Rex is Mr. Rex and the Brontosaurus is Ms. Dinny of Cabazon and they are just so intriguing that you have to stop and take a few pictures.

Rexunderbellyalex and rexMr

I typically don’t know the pit stops I take, I would mostly yell at Alex to stop at the next exit because I have to see and take photos of this random scene.

I mean a huge dinosaur in the middle of the desert. I’d have to say that is something anyone would want to stop and see.

Mr. REXILady Dinny

We stepped out and are greeted by these two huge dinos, not to mention greeted by the blistering heat of summer in the Palm Springs desert.

I’m a giddy girl and have to take thousands of photos with these big dinos that just capture your attention from a distance on the freeway.


While these huge dinos are the main attraction of this pit stop, if you go a bit deeper in there’s even a little exhibit called the Robotic Dino Exhibit or Mr. Rex’s Dinosaur Adventure.

Mr. Rex's Dino AdventureFootprintsNow openHeadRobotic signCrocDino 2TeryHidden RexMr. Rex

It was a bit later in the day so the exhibit was closed, but that didn’t stop us from having fun in the wonderful photo op inside the T-Rex’s mouth.

into the gatet alex insidealex deadhaving funFighting the dinomegetting in the mouth

Be Careful with the mouth, it's not as stable as it looks.
Be Careful with the mouth, it’s not as stable as it looks.
footprints on the ground

Eventually the heat was starting to get to us, so it was time to exit the pit stop and back into our AC car.

I recommend anyone who sees this magnificently large creature driving to definitely stop and take a gander at those dinosaurs. I’d have to say they will really make you feel small in this big world.

dinny 2close up of dinnydinounderneath

I also hear you can actually travel inside the dinosaurs and climb up them for a bit of a price. Check out their website for more information.

Cabazon Dino

Cheers xoxo

Pit Stop, Please


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  • Cat Lin

    looks like you had some fun time with the dino. do you know why it is there?