Fall. Oh how I love Fall.

Well hello there my lovely people. It seems to have been some time before I last posted anything on almost any form of social media. (I know I say this a lot, but I’m trying okay!)

Any who, I am here and ready to rock and roll. I’ve had a lot more energy and motivation lately and I will thank the gym for that because yes, I have also been going to the gym a lot more lately as well. For my first day back into this social media world and mostly on the YouTube front, I was tagged by an awesome sorority sister of mine named Diana! She made an I love Fall YouTube video and tagged me to answer some questions about my favorite things about Fall!

This is different from my usual travel videos I do on my channel, but I had so much fun doing this! So please watch it below, and if you’re not subscribed to me, please do! I will be posting a new video every Thursday and yes, I do have actual videos lined up for the next few weeks to upload! YAY ME!

Check out the video below! I hope you enjoy!

I’ll put the questions down below in case you’d like to try out the fall tag video! You don’t have to do it on YouTube if you don’t want to, you can also write it out on your blog! And if you do make a Fall Tag video/post please let me know so I can check it out! I’d love to see everyone’s response!

And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, I’ll have more travel vlogs coming for you. And for please go check out Diana’s channel and website and also to my friend Jackie who I tagged in my video, please check out her channel and website!

Did you guys enjoy this fall tag? What’s your favorite thing about Fall? Comment down below, I’d love to know!

Fall Tag questions 🙂

Q1. Favorite Fall scent
Q2. Best way to spend a rainy day
Q3. Favorite Fall drink
Q.4 Football, yay or nay?
Q.5 Favorite article of clothing this Fall
Q.6 Haunted house, haunted hayride, or haunted corn maze?
Q.7 The scariest movie you’ve ever seen?
Q.8 Favorite candy to eat on Halloween
Q.9 What will you be for Halloween this year?
Q.10 Favorite fall recipe
Q.11 What is your favorite thing about Fall?
Q.12 Who else would you like to see complete the I Heart Fall Youtube Tag?


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