2017 Resolutions

Happy new year, well after the first few weeks of 2017 new year! After the first start of the year has almost already gone and passed, I’m going share my 2017 new years resolutions with all of you lovely people!

I know most people roll their eyes when it comes to setting resolutions because let’s face it, how many people keep their resolutions? I know I haven’t. But I do like to set goals for myself for the year, just like I do every month and week. And then at the end of the year I like to see if I accomplished any and celebrate whether I do or don’t. Plus sharing it for the world to see gives me a little more accountability to try and actually reach my goals and accomplish my new years resolutions!

So here it is:

Lost with Yvonne Resolutions

-TRAVEL to a new place at least once a month – Whether it’s out of state or somewhere in my backyard, I’d like to see, try and experience new things. You know, the Lost with Yvonne motto – get lost and enjoy the unfamiliar!
-HIKE or walk in nature/parks more often to get fresh air -⤜ Be outside more.
-READ 3 books a month -⤜ Or more, of any genre of my choosing.
-MASTER the art of french braiding my own hair -⤜ I tried last year and slightly succeeded, but I want to be much better, like beauty Vlogger pro.
-SAVE at least $10 from each paycheck to go into a no-touch savings account.
-GO to the gym at least 3 times a week -⤜ Or swim in a pool, hike, anything to be active more in my life.
-FINISH Eurotrip scrapbooks -⤜ One book has been done, I need to finish the second one.
-MAKE more videos – And edit them and publish them for all of my wonderful readers to see!
-CONTINUE writing my novel -⤜ I write so much I might as well keep writing to finish a novel!
-BECOME a better blogger and social media-er -⤜ I just want to make it a habit to be more active online and grow as a blogger this year.
-TIDY UP at least once a week -⤜Being organized is something that has become very important to me and trying to live more simple too.
-LEARN a new language -⤜ Duolingo is my favorite. I have a Spanish and French club I started called Lost in Languages (if you want to join let me know and I’ll give you my group code! I like to keep it fun in the group 😉
-KEEP being the AWESOME me I already am.

The last one I always write every year because as much as we say ‘New Year, new me’, I like to say that I’m awesome every year whether it was a good or bad year. I don’t want to change, I just want to get better and keep adding to my awesome-ness and I aspire you to have that on your resolutions every year as well because you too are awesome and will always be awesome!

Happy New Year everyone! Have an amazing 2017!

And if you want to share some of your resolutions comment below or catch me on one of my social media accounts below!


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  • I would love to join your Spanish language club! I tried to use Duolingo last year for Spanish… then fell off the bandwagon / forgot about it.

    A nice mix of resolutions, and you are writing a novel???

    nat // dignifiable

  • Congrats on learning how to French braid. I tried once last year and failed miserably, and then just sort of gave up…… but I admire those who can do it (especially to themselves).

  • gregory45456245@mail.ru

    Congratulate for new year, New year has come to take new modernity generation for human life which it can be bad or well things in them life leading mutually. Yet, day by day good or well occurs why not peoples life it should stay to want a proper resolutions we are all think that about new day. Thanks for publishing.