Oh Canada! You are beautiful and I’ve only seen a small part of you. That’s right, I got to actually go out of the country this year and finally visited Canada! I know I still haven’t been to Mexico even though I’ve lived in California and Arizona, but yet I made it to Canada first.

And boy did I love Canada! We visited Vancouver while we visited Seattle to hang out with my two BFFs Ryan and Cody! Ryan was kind enough to drive us past the border of Washington and right into Canada!

And I vlogged the entire day trip to Vancouver! Hell, I vlogged my entire Seattle trip too, but those Vlogs will be coming soon!


So check out my part 1 Vancouver Vlog below! And I hope you enjoy it! I know I had lots of fun during this trip, I hope you enjoy watching it and go visit Vancouver sometime too!

I hope you enjoyed this video! I am making more and more Vlogs of my trips because I enjoy taking videos so very much. Keep an eye out for move Travel Vlogs to come! You can keep updated when I make new videos by subscribing to my YouTube channel youtube.com/lostwithyvonne and subscribe to my channel there and then click on the little bell to get notified when I post my videos!

And don’t forget to check back when I post my part 2 of my Vancouver Vlog and also my Seattle Vlogs!


Cheers my friends! Hope you enjoyed my latest Vlog!


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