Sono arrivato Milano, The Duomo – Part 1

Duomo Milan Italy

I’ve decided it’s time to fly back into my European adventure. It was an amazing two week European trip that I never got to fully share with this wonderful world.

I last left off on my day trip to Amsterdam. And if I didn’t mention it before, I meant to book Amsterdam for longer than a day and have a bit of a shorter Italy trip. But the mix-up I made months prior really made Italy stand out to me.

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Wall Drug

Wall Drug

That’s right, Wall Drug. That’s all you see for miles upon miles on billboards all along the side of the road from Sioux Falls, South Dakota (and even farther) until you hit Wall, South Dakota (Yes, this is an actual city name, Wall) where you will find the Wall Drugstore.

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Five Free Things to do in Vegas

As you’ve seen before on a previous post about the High Roller, I love getting lost in Las Vegas and enjoying the good times. And that usually means spending some money.

I recently visited Las Vegas and as much as gambling and eating everything was fun (Fat Tuesdays and Buffets for everyone), we were on a budget and wanted to have a fun, relaxing Vegas trip.

Top Five Free Things to do in VEGAS

So I have gathered my top five list of fun free things to do in Las Vegas!

Fat Tuesday and Earl of Sandwich - love them, but can get pricy!
Fat Tuesday and Earl of Sandwich – love them, but can get pricy!

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Spoonbridge and Cherry – My First 2016 Trip in Minnesota

I know, I know. It’s been such a long time since I’ve blogged. I would love to say it’s been because I’ve been busy traveling the world day and night, but really I’ve just been busy with life. I wish blogging and traveling is my full time job, but since it isn’t my full time job, I try my best to make any time off I have into an adventure.

That’s why when I found out Alex and I had the same two days off in a row together, we jumped at the chance to finally travel to a new place. Queue in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


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Fun on The High Roller – Las Vegas, Nevada

High Roller Art

Vegas, the adult playground as many would say. If you’ve never been to the Sin City and you’re over 21, I would definitely recommend going there at least once in your life and letting loose. It’s a wonderful getaway, and since it’s only a 4-hour drive from So-Cal, it was an easy and fun getaway (that was when I lived in San Diego).

I got a nice suite at the Signature Hotel behind the MGM Grand. It’s the perfect place, in my opinion and we love staying there for the weekend. It’s our go-to nice hotel.

While yes, most people go to Vegas to get wasted, gamble, dance, and get crazy, there are also lots of fun things to do that don’t require a lot of drinking and a massive hangover the next day.

Queue in the High Roller.

Roller FountainSigns

The Walkway
The Walkway
Blurry Couple
High Roller Sign

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Island # 3: St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

St. Thomas

To continue on with my Eastern Caribbean Cruise Getaway, our next stop involves me getting to ride an awesome boat.

Watching the Sunrise as we get to St. Thomas
Watching the Sunrise as we get to St. Thomas

I feel like no vacation to the Caribbean is complete without a snorkeling trip. And we decided just that for our trip to St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. My aunt and I booked one of the excursions for snorkeling on the cruise ship.

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Sioux Empire Fair

Sioux Empire Fair Title

Food. That’s all we want to hear right? Well at least at a fair you think immediately of food. And that is exactly what I did for this fair.

Now I’ve been a San Diego Del Mar Fair girl all my life, so it’s my first time to experience this Midwestern type of fair.

The 76th annual fair went for a week long, a fairly short period of time in my opinion, but I realized I was there almost the entire week.

I was literally at the fair almost every single day since work had me going to the fair all week and then on my days off I wanted to eat and hang out with Alex and so we did.

While there is no comparison to the Del Mar Fair considering Del Mar is much larger and longer, but the Sioux Empire Fair was a lot of fun and had some yummy fried foods. Which, I think, is pretty much all you need at a fair.

Fair Food Stands

Why don’t I just get right to it?

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South Dakota Roundup

South Dakota Roundup
I’ve been having a hard time trying to get focused and write out a blog post about my recent trip to western South Dakota. I’ve been a little work preoccupied (hopefully soon I’ll be living out more big dreams of mine!) and so I have focused my attention to that and trying to advance in my career. I’ve also been on an Insanity trip, meaning I have being doing the Insanity workouts with Shaun T and they leave me quite pooped at the end of the day. But to put it into words, I have writers block and I don’t want to just write mediocre blog posts.

Instead of trying to rack my brain and write out a semi-okay post about my super awesome South Dakota trip and not doing it the justice I want. I figured I’ll just give everyone a small preview in photos or as I’d like to call it my South Dakota Roundup.

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