Lost with Yvonne’s 2017 Resolutions

2017 Resolutions

Happy new year, well after the first few weeks of 2017 new year! After the first start of the year has almost already gone and passed, I’m going share my 2017 new years resolutions with all of you lovely people!

I know most people roll their eyes when it comes to setting resolutions because let’s face it, how many people keep their resolutions? I know I haven’t. But I do like to set goals for myself for the year, just like I do every month and week. And then at the end of the year I like to see if I accomplished any and celebrate whether I do or don’t. Plus sharing it for the world to see gives me a little more accountability to try and actually reach my goals and accomplish my new years resolutions!

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Lost With Yvonne…Keep your Head Up

Lost With Yvonne Posts

Hello my lovely travelers!

It has been far too long. I’ve been dealing with a lot of crazy life things. It’s been a bit hectic and I’m still trying to catch up and recover.

But I realized something that always helps me get through some tough times and good times is by writing.

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Introducing My Fur Babies

I’ve been a little busy with life lately. Oh and it’s my one year anniversary since I’ve had lostwithyvonne.com! YAY!

Any who, I have a big trip coming up this weekend that I can’t wait to explore and then share with you! Since I’ve been doing lots of planning and working I haven’t had a whole ton of time to write up a great travel post to share. So instead I decided to just introduce you all to two new members of my family. My Kittens Dottie and Dolly.

Dot and dolly

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My Wine Tasting Day at Temecula Wine Country

With spring in the air and the weather being that perfect breeze and sun shine, what better way to spend a spring day than with wine tasting.

Back home in California there is quite a lot of vineyards to go do some wine tasting. Most know of Napa Valley to do their wine tasting, but in the city of Temecula in the southern part of California they have vineyards upon vineyards in one long row for your wine tasting time.

The Temecula Wine Country has quite a bit of vineyards to do lots wine tasting for all sorts of people.

I’ve gone wine tasting for my sister’s best friend’s bachelorette party (whew that’s a mouthful). My sister booked a wine tour/chauffeur called the Antique Pink Cadillac for the day and it paid for all our wine tasting and drove us around in this cool black London Style car.

The Pink Cadillac

The Best Chauffeur ever!

We had three tour stops and we could spend as long as we wanted at each one, well until our free wine runs out.

We all realized that our three stops fell into a certain wine category that us girls thought of during the wine tours.

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From San Diego to South Dakota

SD to SD

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve done any kind of blogging, or even social media-ing. But I have good reason, promise.

I’m sure as you see from the title there was a big move on my part. From San Diego to South Dakota, this born and raised So-Cal girl made the big move to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Why South Dakota you may ask? (Random is what I get from most people) Well, I got a job opportunity at their local news station in Sioux Falls!

And that is some serious big news, BIG dreamer news.

I graduated college about two years ago and I studied Broadcast Journalism for a solid 3 ½ years. I did everything from interning at news stations in San Diego, wrote for a local newspaper in town, produced my own 30-minute live newscast, and reported on so many amazing news stories.

Instead of pursing my degree right out of college, I decided to take on the full-time office job that could pay my bills and give me more work experience. While my last job gave me such great opportunities and I worked with some amazing people there, I was never fully satisfied.

It was time to face the fears of leaving family and friends and go into the mysterious world of Broadcast news. I took that scary leap and reached out to news stations and I got the job offer for a news station in South Dakota.

I won’t be reporting on camera just yet, but that won’t stop me from one day getting back into what I loved so much when I went to school.

My amazing boyfriend Alex was accepted to South Dakota State University and has made the move along with me and I couldn’t be happier. The transition was made that much smoother.

All I want to say is to honestly never give up on your dreams. I have been out of the broadcast news business for over two years, but that didn’t stop me from pursuing my dreams and making this my time to shine.

I’ve been scared, I’ve been rejected, but it all becomes worth it when you feel your life falling into place and when you feel like your dreams are fully coming true. I’m feeling at home, I feel like I belong. And I couldn’t be happier.

I do miss all my friends and family in California and the wind chill can really knock you down here in the mid-west, but when you are finally seeing that you’re on the right path to greatness everything just feels right.

My dreamer mentality will never fade and I will keep on reaching for the stars. And I hope you all keep dreaming and striving for the best because you can really surprise yourself and you too can make all your dreams come true.

Sioux Falls

Reporting from Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Keep dreaming my family, friends and fellow travelers. Thanks for all the support and love <3

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Happy Chinese Lunar New Year!

Lunar New Year

That’s right, Happy Lunar New Year to all you wonderful people!

I have been reading on this Chinese New Year and it seems that it is the year of the Sheep / Goat / Ram. And since I was born on this particular year, I am a part of the lucky Lunar New Year!


And since it’s supposed to be my lucky year, I have so many fun adventures awaiting my 2015 year. I’ve officially dubbed this as my boss lady year and I am ready to kick some butt in the world and make my wildest dreams come true.


I have some moves in mind this year that I can’t wait to share once everything has been finalized, but it’s really my time to get off my bum and make life happen.

And I want to extend the invitation to having an amazing year not only to all my Homie sheep/ goat/ rams out there, but to every Chinese zodiac animal out there to make 2015 your year. Just go out and do something you never would’ve done in your wildest dreams, like skydive or even travel to different state or country for the first time. Just go out and do it. We all have many years to live, but why wait. Just do it now and see how life will unfold for you. And hey if it doesn’t work out, then at least you tried. Plus success comes after failing and I’m ready for both.

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Meeting Samantha Brown – My Travel Idol


Since it’s that time for the Travel & Adventure Expo in San Diego again. I wanted to share a moment that made my life so much more awesome. (I’m sure you already know, but check out the video below [Yes, that did rhyme])

(Please excuse the shake in my voice when I ask her a question, I was talking to my travel idol, you can only image all the nerves running in body)

So with that being said, I kept telling myself that 2014 was going to be my year (just like every other year is) and I truly made sure it was. I did some amazing things and accomplished so many awesome goals (Europe, job promotion, etc). Today, I want to share with everyone another great moment of my 2014 year.

I want to share a little story of one of the many reasons why I decided traveling was going to be one my life goals. It all starts with one person. Samantha Brown.

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All aboard! Hogwarts Express

Hogwarts express

I don’t know why, but whenever the Christmas season comes along I always want to watch Harry Potter. And as you may have seen in my first European post, I’m kind of a Harry Potter geek. My 4th grade teacher read us the first chapter of the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone book and I was immediately hooked.

I’ve gone to midnight book releases, read one of those thick books in a day, re-read every book at least 3 times. I’ve gone to midnight showings of the movie and I even wrote my first ever Fan Fiction novel (the only novel I’ve ever written beginning to end) of a love story with Harry Potter characters on to a website called Quizzilla when I was in middle school (and since then I’ve loved writing fiction stories in my spare time and hope to one day publish a fiction book).

So yes, I am a big Harry Potter Geek. Capital H-P-G.

Since England is the main location of Harry Potter, I of course fell in love with London. All I ever wanted to be was a witch on my way to Hogwarts in London.

Well I got to live out my fantasy, even if it was for a brief moment.

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A Happy Update

So it has been quite a long time since I have updated and first and foremost, I would like to apologize to everyone for my absence.

Life has gotten the best of me and I have been extremely busy and sick and just a million other excuses that I could go on and on again.

While I want to write everyday and blog and take pictures, it can be a bit overwhelming with my schedule. So I have decided to take a small break for the Holidays (I already started that, I know). But I shall take a small break and re-organize my life.

I have every intention to keep this blog going, I have such great things I want to share with the world, but my planning and execution is not the best at the moment. So I’m going to take a small break, spend the holidays with my loved ones and then re-organize things.

And today, I had just received amazing news at my current job, I have officially been offered a permanent staff position! YAY! And with that being said, that means more responsibility and a busier schedule, but that won’t stop me with traveling, writing, photography, videotaping, etc.

This blog is still in its early runs, but I will do my best and hope to make it grow into something beautiful and something I love to do. Travel is still my passion and so is writing, so I will forever keep doing this.

As for now, I will enjoy my holidays and I hope you enjoy yours too. I may post something once or twice within my little break, but most of the time I will be planning for a better execution for this website.

Have a happy holidays, Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year. I hope you all have wonderful holidays and share it with loved ones. Take a break, enjoy life and make the last days of 2014 count.

As for this post, I will share some beautiful photos of the moon I took earlier this week. I like to appreciate little things like this and hope to capture it and share it with the world. Hope you enjoy!


Happy holidays, keep reaching for that moon and travel on my travelers.

Paris and London – My first European Trip


Bonjour from Paris!

I know I haven’t really updated since I left the States to go on my European trek, but when you have limited Wifi you can only do so much. But my Wifi has finally worked here in the hotel and I decided to update you all on my time here in the beautiful Europe!

For more up to date info check out my instagram and twitter!!!

My first day in Europe was in London and it was a short trip until we come back for two days for our flight home on our last leg of our vacation. We were able to master the tubes and trains just fine and not get so lost that it became frightening. And even though it was a short trip, we were able to see the Tower Bridge and then get some Fish N’ Chips and everything was great.

Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge, beautiful.
Fish n Chips
Best meal in London.

After London, the next day we needed to catch a bullet train on the Eurostar to Paris at the St. Pancras International railway Stations and the station itself was just beautiful!

St. Pancras

Every building in London were HUGE!

And since we had some time on our hands, the Harry Potter Geek in me had to check out Platform 9 3/4 at the Kings Cross Stations just across the street from St. Pancras.

Harry Potter

Just on my way to Hogwarts as a Gryffindor.

Overall, London was amazing and I can’t wait to explore the city more next week. I’ll give you more details in later posts of my first day in London.

As for Paris, we are still here and it has already captured my heart. I am loving the city more and more and it makes me not want to leave.

Alex and I celebrated our one year anniversary today and it was an amazing way to celebrate in this beautiful city. We went to the top of the Eiffel tower and saw the Louvre and wrote our love on the Love Lock bridge (unfortunately we forgot our locks and most of the locks are now boarded up). But it was an amazing day, I wish we didn’t have to leave tomorrow. But it’s time for Amsterdam and then Italy! I am excited for what the rest of our trip has for us.

I’ll post more details on Paris and London later, but for now here’s some beautiful photos to pass you over!


I seriously Love Paris and the Eiffel Tower.
Luxembourg Gardens
Luxembourg Gardens in the Fall is wonderful to walk through.
The LouvreThe Louvre
My boyfriend makes the Louvre and all its tourists tiny 🙂
Love Lock Bridge
No Love Lock Bridge for us, but we made the best of it and still wrote our love in Paris
Eiffel Tower
Celebrating a year of our love at the Top of the Eiffel Tower.
Eiffel Tower

Bonne nuit!!!