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October is a great month. I mean not only is it my birthday in October (Yeah, I’m a year older), but I love Halloween and all things scary. Now I usually like scary stuff almost all year round, but there’s always something spooky about anything scary in the month of October. Not to mention we had an actual Friday the 13th in this month!

I have partnered up with ExecutiveGiftShoppe.com who gave me this awesome infographic about 13 Haunted Vacation Spots to Visit in the United States Before you die. And then of course you will come back to life and visit more scary places.

I mean I’m not usually a big history buff, but I love learning about the history of places that suddenly became haunted. Call me dark, but I enjoy learning about how people became ghosts or the reasoning behind someone deciding to mass murder their family in their home (oh yeah, that’s one of the places you need to read about down below). I mean I have met the Ghost Adventures Crew at least twice (check out that post here), and I know that they’ve visited these haunted locations before, so that means these places are definitely some cool places to visit.

Check it out below if you want to visit some scary haunted vacations spots with your family or even by yourself. Some of these places are actually not too far from my home in California and one is not far from where I live now. So I know I just may be taking a little detour one day on my way to Flagstaff.

Enjoy and don’t get too spooked…

13 Haunted Vacations in the United States to Visit Before You Die


Have you been to any of these Haunted Vacation Spots? Comment down below if you have and what your experience has been, or if not comment down below if you want to visit any of these places because I know I will.

And again don’t forget to check out executivegiftshoppe.com, they were awesome to have sponsored this post and let me share with you that great infographic they had above! They sell some awesome gifts for all kinds of people! Especially with the holidays coming up, I know I’ll be checking them out.

Happy (almost) Halloween and happy haunting!



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